Why mealtime is important to our family #DarkForDinner

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Family Dinner is something that we have always valued. It gives us time to sit down together and talk and learn about each others’ day as well as reminiscing and laughing. It’s not always perfect, with four kids ages 3-10, it has been something that has often been chaotic and crazy, but it is still time together as a family and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Many of my friends tell me they will feed their kids before hand so that they can enjoy “adult” time, but I disagree with this. Yes my kids can add some crazy, but it also helps them learn how to act and to be part of the family unit. One of the biggest things that has helped us do this effectively is to not have electronics at the table for meals. We keep a basket close by that everyone puts their electronics in (on silent) and then after meal time (which is usually about an hour).
Basket for phones on table during dinner
On Sunday, June 14, Dixie® launched a movement called #DarkForDinner that encourages families to be more present. This means not being distracted by your phone or tablet, and really paying attention to those around you and learning more about them, enjoying them and making memories to last a lifetime.   Another thing that we haven’t allowed for years is having the Television or Computers on. We essentially have all electronics turned off for meal time.  We do this with our kids now while they are young so that as they get older it is something that will second nature for them and they can pass it on to their families.
I am challenging you to participate in the #DarkForDinner movement. What does this mean for you? All you have to do, for one family dinner, is make sure all calls, social media, TV or other distractions do not take away from time you can spend together. Go #DarkForDinner and enjoy great conversation and time with what really matters most in life, your family. I am pledging to go #DarkforDinner on Sunday and enjoy my family mealtime. My family is so important to me and we only have our kids for a short time before they are grown – I want to remember these times and make as many memories as I can.
Are you going to join me on this challenge? Come back and let me know how it went!

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