Cinderella Birthday Party

My daughter (child 2 of 4) just turned 8! We are so excited. We did a lot to get ready already for her surprise Cinderella Birthday Party. There were some things I did behind closed doors like get the favor boxes ready, plan out some games, figure out treats, text parents and send invitations, etc, but on the day of her party I was like a mad women running around the house decorating, baking, and preparing for her party so that when she got home from school it would be a surprise. It turned out being AWESOME! Check out the look on her face when we brought her in…

We let her give us ideas and tell us some names of friends but told her a different date for the party than what we had it on. We partnered with Birthday Express to have this amazing Cinderella Birthday Party! We loved all of the decorations, favors, dress up items and more that we received so that we could throw our daughter the ultimate birthday party. We received:

Storybook Cinderella Prestige Toddler / Child CostumeCinderella Adult ShoesDisney Princess Gloves ChildDisney Cinderella Tiara, and the Ultimate Disney Cinderella Sparkle Party in a Box. I was so happy with the quality of the product that we received and thrilled that I was able to decorate our whole house and yard how I wanted with these beautiful princess decorations, favors and treats. It really helped getting a coordinating kit where everything was put together, matching perfectly and it really gave me to opportunity to focus on other things like the food, games, etc. 

Cinderella Birthday Party

The tablescape was so beautiful. I loved how all of the colors came together to create a truly magical setting for my daughter. With her beautiful princess dress and glass slippers, she felt like a real princess and I loved that she just beamed the whole time. We had grapes and mini muffins, licorice, Sixlets, crackers, and a few other yummy treats that the kids loved. We made a Cinderella punch using blue Hawaiian punch and Lemon-Lime Soda mixed together. 

Cinderella Birthday Party 123 Cinderella Birthday Party 123 Cinderella Birthday Party

The cake me made using cupcakes. She loves cupcakes and we wanted to include them in the overall design of the cake. I saw a picture on Pinterest or Facebook with a cake made from cupcakes into a Princess Dress so we (my friend and I) gave it a try and I love how it turned out. Next time I will get one more tub of frosting (we used two for this- it needed three) so we can fill in all of the “holes” and make it look solid. We used Sixlets, jems, and other decorations. A butterfly wand, a princess headband, and some princess candles to top it off. She loved the cake and it was really fun!

Cinderella Birthday Party


Some of the other decorations we did was to put streamers on the door. We taped the top, then twisted them and taped the bottom. I love how they turned out. We also added a Cinderella swirl decoration in the middle and it really added a pop. The streamers were also included in the Ultimate Party pack we got. We used them all over inside as well as outside with some balloons to make the yard cute and fun.

Cinderella Birthday Party

The gift boxes were a lot of fun. They came in the party pack as well, with a bunch of fun things for the inside like Cinderella Cups, lip gloss rings, stickers, blow outs, princess lollipops and more. We also added a treat and a bracelet. The kids loved them and I think they were perfect and easy to put together!

Cinderella Birthday Party

We also had the girls play a Disney Cinderella Party Game where the girls took turns “pinning” the shoe on the Princess! The game came with the blindfold, 8 Cinderella Slipper stickers, and the large picture. The girls loved the game. We let them “help” each other by giving them a few spins and pointing them in the right direction. lol. They all actually did pretty good, with one girl putting it on almost perfectly.

Cinderella Birthday Party

Another fun part of the party was the Cinderella Pinata. I LOVED how this looked. It was about 31″ tall and is a 3-D version, which made you feel like Cinderella was there! It was easy to fill with the treats and toys that came with it and we hooked it to a rope and strung it over the basketball hoop in our backyard. I liked giving B a tease when it was her turn to hit it, but she did get a good hit in and did great.


Cinderella Birthday Party

The girls loved posing in front of the Cinderella Wall and getting their pictures taken. It was such a fun party and I really loved the overall theme. There is so much that you can do and I really love the colors and styles of the items that we got and the girls did too. So much fun!

Cinderella Birthday Party

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