Coupon Shopping Trip | Total before $249.54, total AFTER = $80.30

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Coupon Shopping Trip 1/23/13 = 67% Savings

Yesterday I went coupon shopping. I was very excited about all of the HOT Deals are out right now with the great coupons that have been showing up in the Sunday papers. My Winco trip was for the oil, bread, sauce, ketchup, strawberries, corn nuts, Soda, crackers, hot dogs, and potatoes. I didn’t have as much savings on this trip, but I did get a lot of things that normally don’t have coupons and I feel like I got a great price for the items I did get. The cashier was great and the coupons went through fine.

Walmart was a different story. They only had a small amount of items in stock. I got a few of the cat food (they made me do 4 in my transaction and my husband and to take the other 2 to another check stand since the cashier would only take 4 of the same coupon…is that part of their policy?) But whatever, ok. Then she had to scrutinize every little detail about each coupon, eventually getting a CSM for the Suave lotion coupon. And they continued to try and “educate” me on the proper use of coupons! HAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I am totally open minded, but if you want to tell me more about using coupon at least know what you are talking about! Sheesh. Evidently  because the coupon was printed with the Family Dollar Logo in the corner, and I was trying to use it at Walmart, they said I was PRICE MATCHING! hummmm… that’s a new one to me. But anyways, that was just a little bit of the excitement at that store.

Smith’s – as always – is my absolute favorite place to coupon. They had plenty of the sale items in stock, and the cashier was amazing. Even if I paid more (which I don’t because of the coupons and sales) I would still shop at Smith’s over Walmart simply because of the customer service. I can’t wait to go back today and get more of the great deals I have found!

(I would love to hear about your shopping experiences about these and other stores. Please let me know how you feel about shopping at your favorite – or not so favorite – stores.)


Total Before Coupons = $39.98
Total AFTER coupons = $19.46
Total Savings = 52%

Smiths Transaction 1

Total Before Coupons = $82.59
Total AFTER Coupons = $13.99
Total Savings = 84%

Smiths Transaction 2

Total Before Coupons = $93.58
Total AFTER Coupons = $18.96
Total Savings = 79%


Total Before Coupons = $33.39
Total AFTER Coupons = $27.89
Total Savings = 16%

Overall the total of all the groceries we got were $249.54
After the coupons and sales we paid $80.30
This is a overall savings of 67%
We got a total of 120 items, making each item an average of $0.67 each


All of the Cat food you see in the picture came from my WizClipz coupons! I was able to order two 10 packs for only $1.50 each, and each coupon got me a FREE box of cat food. So I ended up with 22 lbs of cat food for only $3!

If you want to see (most) of these deals, view the Smith’s Weekly Deals here.

What kind of savings did you get on your shopping trips this week?

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Smiths Shopping Trip | Spent $1.97 - Saved $69.53
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