Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

My kids started asking me if they thought the elves would come to our house this year before Thanksgiving even came.  I told them I hoped that they would because it would be fun. Their daddy even heard the elves running around a time or two coming to do a “pre-stay” check. This really got the kids excited.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

On November 30, we sat down and make our Elf Craft – this was our way of showing the elves that we wanted them to come and stay. The girls even sat down and wrote a note to Santa asking him for some elves and telling him why they think the elves should come. It was very cute.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

After the kids all (finally) went to bed, Santa did show up with four of his best elves in tow. They came with their own “santa bags”, Elf Magic North Pole Snowflakes, and a letter from Santa. Each elf is so cute and has it’s own “personality” We took the elves out of the boxes and they went crazy.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

“This Christmas will be special; I’m so happy to be here, 
I’ve watched you from afar and in my heart you’ve grown dear. 
I made my way here with you as my guide, 
I am here to love you, to play and to hide!”

– taken from the letter from Santa

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

Karla went and took my oldest daughters iPod – this is her elf –  and she played Disney Fairies for hours. When my 9 year old found her elf like this she laughed and laughed. Her “Silly Elf” still like to move it around and play on it occasionally.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

Natasha had a battle with the Tooth Fairy for my 6 year olds freshly lost tooth that was under her pillow. The Tooth Fairy finally got it back and left a note with her money and while everyone was sleeping, Natasha took it back and decided to hang out with the Tooth Fairy until morning. When my 6 year old woke up – she was literally bawling because she couldn’t find her tooth fairy or her tooth. She couldn’t believe it when she saw them together. It was too cute.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

Hobbes played blocks. He like blocks and cars. Him and my four year old will get along well together. He was very excited to meet Hobbes and they played blocks together, had a snack, then played catch. They have actually been pretty busy doing everything together.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

And last but not least, there is Layne.  She loves tea parties and spent her first night planning a big tea party with Minnie Mouse hung out with Minnie Mouse. My two year old was simply thrilled to find her favorite “Mickey Mouse Club House” as she called Minnie, hanging out with an elf – who is now Elfie.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

Each Elf Magic elf has a special Snowflake placed on their heart by Santa – and this allows the holiday seasons to come alive. These Elves have quickly become my kids best friends. They take them everywhere, do everything with them and want to share everything with them.

This timeless tradition artfully blends playtime, the importance of family values, and reinforces the true meaning of Christmas. 

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition

After a full day of play and fun, we put the Elves to bed, sprinkle them with their Elf Magic Snowflakes and give them crackers and ice water. The crackers are to remind them of the crunching snow, and the ice water is melted North Pole Snowflakes.

Santa allows his Elves to visit so they can encourage an upbeat Christmas, animated through nightly adventures and daily play. Santa wants the Elves to help children create memories, have “good old-fashioned” fun, and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values.

Elf Magic Review: A New Family Tradition
You can start the Elf Magic Family Tradition with your family this year. These little elves are so special and magical. I love them because the kids can play with them, carry them around and really bond with them. Each night after they have rested they like to participate in Elfcapades (you can see the Zipline they made here). These are fun and they are very creative.

Visit http://www.elf-magic.com to get an Elf for your child today and start this wonderful family tradition. There is also a book, and other accessories you can add to make it even more fun!

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We received these Elf Magic elves in order to do this review, but that does not affect our opinions. We only recommend products and services that we believe will beneficial to our readers. 

Elf Magic: A New Family Tradition

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  1. laurie nykaza says

    These are so cute to buy the kids each year and start a tradition with giving them one . The nieces and nephews in our family would love them too.

  2. says

    These are so cute! I love the idea of elf on the shelf, but didn’t feel my 2 yr old would really get the concept yet, but these she could play with and I think would love. Thank you for sharing this!

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