Extreme Couponing Tip: Using a Price Point List to compare prices



If you have been trying to shop “frugally” for any amount of time you well know how hard it is to keep track of what a good price is for everything that goes on sale. There are so many different items that its hard to remember some of them. This is where using a price point list to compare prices can come in handy!

Having this price point list will tell you the name of the item, what the regular price is, what a good sale price is and when to stock up! You can add, subtract, edit and change what you need to so that it fits your needs. Print it out and put it in your coupon binder or bag and keep it with you. Even in your purse so you know what a good sale price is when you are shopping. You will be surprised and what the stores make out to be good prices when you really aren’t getting a good deal at all!




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  1. Holly Trudeau says

    What a handy tool! I am always shopping for grocery bargains but I’m not really sure if what I’m buying is indeed a bargain after all lol, this spreadsheet will definitely help@ Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Lindsey Flor says

    Probably one of my favorite topics to date! I love saving money, and with having small kids can be expensive these types of articles help so much!

  3. tami s says

    Prices are a bit diferent in my area but I”m going to adust the list to my local prices as I love the list!!!!

  4. terri van reese says

    I love this idea – I will definitely update it with my regional prices and carry it in my coupon binder! Thanks for the tip!

  5. JKAPS says

    Very useful, but some prices differ pretty significantly by geographical area. Almonds are 6.9,9 a lb. here (Cincinnati) and in Milwaukee. If I ever saw them for $4.99, I’d buy like crazy! Similar story with butter. But I almost always pay less than you do for produce.

    Love the form! I’m going to carry it with me and update it with my prices. I love to grocery shop! But I’ve never loved meat or eaten much of it, so I’m fairly oblivious to what costs what in that department. It drives my husband crazy that I can’t remember cuts or prices of meat. So this list will really help with that. And now I know to buy nuts when I’m in Utah!

  6. says

    Thanks, I always start making these & never finish. I think I’m going to use the excel & match it to my stores & store in my skydrive for my phone. Thanks again!

  7. Gina Brickell says

    Great thought.. My mother does couponing and does very well at it. I personally don’t have the patience and typically don’t know what a “good deal” is when I see one. This list would really come in handy for someone like myself.. I really need to get into it more and save myself some $$$

  8. says

    OK, this is GENIUS! You’re so right…when you shop at different stores for so many different products, it’s hard to keep track of what’s a good price vs. what’s a great price, etc. This is great!

  9. Marthalynn says

    This is so helpful!! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this! I have always wondered what price is good or not when shopping. Saved this file and am also going to print it out to put with my coupons.

  10. Bonnie Caselman says

    I’ve printed it off & have my fingers crossed. I’ll try anything to get more organized. I’m one of those run to the store & get whatever’s for dinner that night kind of people.

  11. Laurie Penman says

    Thanks for the form, going to see if this is feasable for me….lol. I’m not the quickest to catch on to this kind of stuff!

  12. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I’m always trying to save and to be honest, never thought of a “list” like this…thanks so much for sharing

  13. Naomi Osborn says

    I have some friends who do this – I have one friend who has it all memorized (I’ve tested her – she’s legend). Thanks for sharing a great resource.

  14. Rhonda B. says

    I wish I had the time to do this, I’m sure by taking a little time out to make a price point list, I could probably be saving our family a little more each month AND it will help with the hassles of being “drawn” in by sales and end of losing money.

  15. says

    This is a great point of reference! So many times we think that the stores sale price is indeed a good price “because it’s on sale!” when in reality, they’re sticking it to you. Making a list of items and prices, then checking those items each week especially when on sale – in 6 weeks time, you should see what the rock bottom price is. Thanks for this list!!


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