Food prices going up in 2013 and how you can still get good deals!

I have been hearing a lot about food prices going up in 2013. Milk is supposed to be up to $8 per gallon. Chicken and other meats are supposed to go up by at least 4%, dairy products will go up by 4.5% or more, and the list goes on. (these numbers are estimates based on other things I have read and are not exact information)

While these numbers look scarey, there are still ways that you can afford to get the things you like to shop for without breaking your bank.

  1. Look for items on sale and/or on clearance
  2. Use coupons (paper coupons, printable coupons, digital coupons, in-ad/store coupons)
  3. Stock up on items when you find a hot deal
  4. Use a weekly meal planner and make a shopping list

If you have other suggestions or know more about what is going on with the rising food prices, please leave a comment.

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