Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs (night hunts)

One of the most fun parts of Easter for my kids is the Easter Egg Hunt! As I am sure it is for most of your kids as well. . . here is a new twist to put on it! GLOW IN THE DARK EASTER EGGS! I stole this from my brother and his wife who did this with their kids for Easter last year. They got LOTS of eggs, and took the like colors and matched them with glow sticks, and then assigned a color for each kid. There were no snacks in the eggs, but what isn’t fun about running around in the mostly dark trying to find glow in the dark Easter eggs?

Get the stuff you need now, but be sure not to break the sticks until right before you are ready to start. You don’t want them to stop glowing halfway through the fun! This is something your kids can do over and over and over. They can even hide them for each other.

WHITE Clear Plastic Easter Eggs (144 pcs) $10.50 with FREE Shipping

Colorful Bright Easter Eggs (144 pcs) $8.00 with FREE Shipping

(Thanks John and Allisha)

Let us know if you have a fun Easter game or tradition like this Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs?

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