Homemade Valentines Decor Heart Banner 

How to repurpose your extra wedding invitations:

         While dejunking my apartment I came across my extra wedding invites and felt too guilty throwing them in the trash! Then I had the idea since Valentines is around the corner why not make a craft looking down memory lane for the special occasion:) So pull out your extra wedding invites and make yourself a Heart Banner to show off you and your Hubby’s love for each other! 

What you will need: Wedding invites, Twine, Stapler, Hole puncher

Step 1: Take two invitations and form them together in the shape of a heart, hold in place and staple together.

Step 2: Hole punch your hearts and string twine through hearts, knotting both ends of the twine so the hearts don’t fall off. 

Step 3: Find the place you want to show off your Heart Banner and hang it up



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