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Mombo Nursing Pillows are an item that every nursing mom needs. (not wants – but needs). These pillows are amazing and will save you from sore arms, a sore back, etc. It will also help with a proper latch so that your baby and you don't suffer from incorrect feeding positions. 
Mombo Nursing Pillows have a unique shape that allows the pillow to wrap around your stomach area to give you the proper support while feeding. It also has two different sides – a firm side and a soft side – called Firm2Soft. The firm side gives support that is essential for the mom and her nursing baby. The soft side is a place for lounging or tummy time and is extra comfy. 
The thing about the mombo nursing pillow  that I liked the most was that it has a built in vibration feature that provides a soothing and comforting experience while lounging. I had a baby bouncer that had a vibration feature in it and my daughter loved it. It is subtle enough that it provides the perfect soother for your infant.
Mombo Nursing Pillows come in many colors and styles. They have a wide variety of slipcovers that will fit your style. Some of my favorites were the super cute green and brown lion king cover and the Taggies Fashion Covers (in pink, polka dots and monkeys). The pillows as well as the covers are priced right for any budget and will be some of the best money you will spend on your new baby. You can find them at Toys R Us or Babies R US. 
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