Thanksgiving Crafts: Apple and Carrot Turkey

Thanksgiving Crafts – Apple and Carrot Thanksgiving Turkey

We had such a fun time doing this craft! We had some apples that we were going to use to make pumpkins for Halloween  but we just ran out of time, so we decided to use them anyways, to make TURKEYS!! And they turned out great! You can see the pictures above of how we did the steps. It was really fun and the kids LOVED it!

First we took white card stock and gave each kid half of an apple and then let them dip it in the tan paint and make their Turkey bodies. This worked better than expected. I was happy.

Next we took carrot sticks cut into slices and put sewing pins in them. (otherwise they were slippery and to hard to hold on too). The kids used these to make their turkey feathers. They got really create and learned that depending on the way they put it on the paper it made different designs.

(NOTE: I kept some wet wipes on hand for cleaning up paint that got anywhere it shouldn’t have been. Also this paint is permanent  so make sure they are wearing grubby clothes or have Children’s Smock on)

Once the painting part was done we put the papers up and let them dry overnight. The next day we print out the turkey body (you can print it out here) and they colored them and cut them out.

Then we took Pipe Cleaner and using the paint brush we wrapped the pipe cleaner around the paint brush to make it curly. We did a longer one for the neck and four smaller ones for the winds and legs. After we had the pipe cleaner ready, we went and taped it onto the back of the pieces that they colored. Then we took a needle and poked a hole in the paper big enough to fit in a little end of the pipe cleaner. Then we taped the pipe cleaner on the back of the paper.

It was a lot of fun doing these Thanksgiving Crafts and the kids enjoyed doing all of it. We have them hanging on our wall and everyone loves them!

Thanksgiving Crafts – Apple and Carrot Thanksgiving Turkey

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