Balance Bar

This Valentines Day give your sweetheart a gift that not only they can remember, but that they can enjoy with Balance Bar. This beautiful heart-shaped tin filled with chocolate mint cookie crunch and chocolate raspberry balance bars is the perfect way to say “I Love You”. You are still giving them a yummy chocolate snack, without the added calories that come with a traditional box of chocolates, but rather a more healthy alternative that also gives you energy, vitamins and minerals.

Balance Bar energy bars are packed with delicious flavor and loaded with balanced 40-30-30 nutrition.

I was surprised that these were actually energy bars, because it has been my experience that energy bars in general usually taste like cardboard with a worse after taste. That was not the case with these. My husband and I were actually fighting over the last bites because they were so good, and no nasty aftertaste. I know these will replace the candy bar stash in our fridge as well. They are simply better for you and are packed with nutrients and energy.

Indulge your Valentines taste buds with every savory mouth-watering bite of the chocolate raspberry bar; while at the same time giving them that spark of energy that they need to enjoy you throughout the night. 😉 wink wink

Balance Bar

For those of you who are skeptical, all I can say is that you are totally missing out if you don’t try these! (there are even balance bar coupons and sales all the time, so you don’t have an excuse!)

Rise to the occasion by sinking your teeth into the chocolate mint cookie bar. A perfect combination of flavor and texture that will have you saying “WOW” with every delightful mouthful. This gift is definitely going to be treasured from the moment your loved one sees the elegant heart-shaped tin, down to their last nibble of each Balance Bar crumb in the wrapper. Balance Bar scored the winning touchdown with these flavors!

Get balance back into your life with Balance Bar!

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